• Two sandwiches
  • Salad with meat, vegetables and dip
  • Grilled sliced meat, fries and spices

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About us

Sports bar and grill

Located in the heart of Cooper City, the Tin Cup is a neighborhood sports bar and grill for the whole family. Good drinks, great food, fun games and a driving range in the back creates the perfect environment for anyone looking for a place to lose track of time.

The true magic of Tin Cup isn’t the spacious seating and exquisite golf view scenery. It isn’t the mouthwatering dishes, flowing drinks or friendly staff. It’s you. The people who come in and share their time with us to have a drink or enjoy a meal with their family are the ones who fill it with the amazing energy that makes it so special.

So if you’re wondering where you want to go to grab a drink and a bite, look no further. After all, this is your place.